What Scopes Are Made in the USA?

Most Americans prefer buying American-made products to support the US economy. Also, people feel proud of using premium-quality products manufactured domestically using local resources.  The “Made in the USA” label, the manufacturer, and the brand name are all details that are often included on the product’s packaging. However, when you want to buy a rifle … Read more

How to Adjust a Rifle Scope

Buying a new rifle scope is exciting and often expensive. To ensure you get your money’s worth, you need to know how to adjust a rifle scope properly. Otherwise, you will never get to experience its true potential of helping you get the perfect shot. This article will take you through the various adjustments you … Read more

6 Advantages of Using Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes have become increasingly popular among hunters, target shooters, and other outdoors enthusiasts. The ability to hit targets more accurately and with greater precision has made them a must-have accessory for any shooter.  Rifle scopes have various features, such as variable zoom, parallax adjustment, reticles, and rangefinding capabilities. Each feature can be adjusted to … Read more

What Scopes Does the Military Use?

The word “military” evokes standards of excellence, discipline, and reverence. When we talk about military scopes, we’re talking about a tool that incorporates cutting-edge technology and unwavering craftsmanship. The scopes affixed to rifles and other surveillance equipment should be able to sharply focus on the target image, as befits the military’s responsibility to protect the … Read more