What Scopes Are Made in the USA?

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Most Americans prefer buying American-made products to support the US economy. Also, people feel proud of using premium-quality products manufactured domestically using local resources. 

The “Made in the USA” label, the manufacturer, and the brand name are all details that are often included on the product’s packaging. However, when you want to buy a rifle scope made in the USA, picking the brands becomes a little challenging.

In this article, we have enlisted rifle scope brands that manufacture most of their products within US facilities.

What Does ‘Made in the USA’ Mean?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for maintaining rules and regulations about labeling. According to the FTC, companies can only label their products “Made in the USA” if the labor, processing, and parts used in the manufacturing process are of US origin. Per the Enforcement Policy Statement on US Origin Claims, “United States” refers to all fifty states, the US territories, and the District of Columbia. Hence, scopes manufactured within the US territories will come with the “Made in USA” label.

However, you must have seen some labels when shopping for scopes that bear the following:

  • Made in the USA with Parts Shipped from (place): This labeling means that the scopes are manufactured in US facilities, but the parts are shipped from another country.
  • Assembled in the USA: This label is similar to the above, meaning that US manufacturing facilities and labor are used for the products, but parts are not of US origin. However, on this label, there is no mention of the country.

The scopes manufacturers that perform every step of the manufacturing process using locally-sourced units can use the “Made in the USA” label.

American Scopes Manufacturing Brands


Leupold started as a family-owned business over a century ago, in 1907. The business grew rapidly as the company started innovating and manufacturing multiple pieces of equipment.

Leupold takes immense pride in manufacturing scopes within the US facilities. The company offers a wide range of scope series, including the FX, VX freedom riflescopes, and Mark. These scopes offer multiple viewing options and glare reduction and are excellent for hunting and military use.

The company has manufacturing facilities for riflescopes in Beaverton, Oregon. In addition to scopes, Leupold produces other premium products, including rangefinders, delta point, red dots, spotting scopes, etc. However, not all these products are USA-made.


EOTech started its business in 1995 and has its headquarters in Michigan, USA. The company offers an incredible range of high-quality products for professional use, most in the USA. However, it sources the EOtech’s VUDU series riflescopes from Japan. This series includes the first focal plane scopes and the second focal plane scopes.


Trijicon started its operation in 1986 and soon became one of the country’s top manufacturers for producing premium riflescopes, red dot sights, and electro-optics. This company is one of the leading rifle scope providers in the US, and the best part is that these are “Made in the USA.”

Some of the most popular rifle scopes by Trijicon available in the market are AccuPoint, VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight), and ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) riflescopes. Trijicon rifle scopes are great for law enforcement, military use, sports, and hunting.

Trijicon’s made-in-the-USA products are Archery Sights, MRO, RMR, VCOG, Ventus, ACOG, SRO, MGRS, RMRcc, Mounts, Thermal Optics, Iron Sights, and CCAS. The company assembles AccuPoint riflescopes in the US facilities, but their parts are from Japan. 

You can purchase high-standard scope accessories from Trijicon, also.

US Optics

US Optics started in 1991 and takes pride in offering American-made premium quality products. The rifle scopes and optics by US Optics are famous for their thoughtful design, functionality, clarity, and durability.

US Optics manufactures its Foundation series scopes in North Carolina, US. This series is excellent for professional shooters looking for precision and accuracy. Each scope of the Foundation series provides high image resolution and has a durable external body made using aluminum. One of the best-selling features of these scopes is their low-profile structure, making them great for shooting and hunting purposes.

Montana Vintage Arms

Montana Vintage Arms is another US brand famous for manufacturing metallic sights, scopes, and mounts. The manufacturers use a blend of modern technology, and the design and sturdiness of armor used a century ago. Montana Vintage Arms offers three scope series, the Winchester “B” Series Scope, the MVA Scope, and the New “A” scope series.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for premium quality, efficient and durable scopes, there is no better option than buying scopes made in the USA. Check out the vast range of scopes available at these American brands, and you will love the results.

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