Best Gun Vise – The Top 6 Gun Cleaning Stations

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If you’re a frequent shooter, hunter, or have a military background, your firearm is likely one of your most valuable belongings. In this case, you understand the need of constantly caring for and preserving it.

You can do so by visiting your local gunsmith for cleaning, repairs, or other related services. However, with the high-quality gun vises on the market, you can take care of these services yourself.

Cleaning and maintaining your firearm might be a nuisance if you don’t have one of the best gun vises on hand to assist you. You’ll need a stable base to mount your weapon on in order to properly scrape away residue or install replacement parts. Vises do exactly that, therefore it’s worth investing in a good one that will make maintenance a breeze.

With one of these multifunctional tools, cleaning your firearm is quick, straightforward, and safe. These high-end tools provide optimal stability for lubricating, brushing, and cleaning your pistol.

What To Look For when Buying the Best Gun Vise


Gun vises are made from two different types of materials. Plastic and metal are the two materials. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Plastic gun vises are a cost-effective alternative that do the job well. They’re usually small and light, making them easy to transport. Though being lightweight has advantages, such as the ability to maintain stability, it also has disadvantages in terms of durability when compared to metal gun vises.

Metal is more expensive than plastic, but it lasts a long time. Because of its weight, metal is also preferable when it comes to steadiness. When opposed to plastic, this is also a lot better for sighting with the gun vise. Metal’s only negative is that it is extremely expensive, and its value may not be justified if you only use it seldom.


While it’s nice to have multiple purposes for a gun vise, the most important thing is that it does what it’s designed to do well. A gun vise should make the process go more smoothly and quickly for you.

That’s why features like changeable angles, elevation, and rotation are critical. To make maintenance easier, the gun vise should do an excellent job of keeping the firearm in place while you work on it.


A dependable stand is one feature of the best gun vise. The ideal gun vise should allow you to maintain a firm and secure hold without jeopardizing your safety. It must strike a balance between safety and stability.

While cleaning your guns or doing basic maintenance, a combination of a weighted ground and a spread out bottom half should prevent any wobbling. The ability to attach the gun vise to the table you’re working on for further stability is also a nice tool to have. Please check the following article if you are interested to learn how often to clean your gun


A gun vise should be able to hold multiple types of firearms. The best gun vise can handle a variety of guns of various sizes, allowing you to utilize and maintain your firearms collection.

A gun vise that can accommodate a variety of weapons is a terrific investment and really useful. Instead of purchasing two or more gun vises for your various firearms, you just need to purchase one.

Keep in mind, however, that flexible gun vises include numerous movable and adjustable components. This makes organization a little more difficult, and there’s a bigger risk of breaking with additional components.

The 6 Best Gun Vises Reviewed

1. Tipton Gun Vise

Nothing better exemplifies Tipton’s competence than this vise, which is one of the most well-known names in gun maintenance and repair supplies. It’s been built from the ground up to handle the toughest maintenance and repair jobs.

Bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, various types of handguns, and even extended magazine rifles may all be held in this vise’s L-shaped center. Basically, you may use this vise with any firearm that you own.

It’s also tough, as it’s made of a solvent-resistant polymer. It can last ten years of continuous use, makes it an ideal long-term vise for any gun owner. Because the polymer is non-marring, it will appear like new in a few years.

There are also multiple flat and spherical bottom compartments in the vise. These chambers can be used to store screws, parts, or lubricant bottles. Naturally, we anticipate that serious gunsmiths will value this feature.

You may also keep cleaning pads close at hand when you need them with a customized patch storage section.

And what about the clamping mechanisms? This vise has two adjustable and offset clamps that may be adjusted to fit your specific pistol. Despite this, the vise is robust and solid enough to sustain heavy pressure while cleaning or doing repairs.


  • Multiple units for storage
  • Can handle rifles, shotguns, handguns, and more
  • Affordable


  • A bit too lightweight for some users


Overall, few vises can match the versatility and ease of use of this tool. It’s neither the most costly nor the most economical vise on the market, but it’s still a good option for most people. If you are interested about gun cleaning please check our articles about how to use a gun cleaning kit or how to use Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit

2. Hyskore Cleaning and Sighting Vise

This Hyskore product is an excellent choice for gun enthusiasts. It’s durable but simple, and it works flawlessly.

Steel and plastic are employed in this project. It gives a terrific sensation when working with it. It’s perfectly aligned with your weapon and has its unique weight distribution.

Additionally, cleaning slots are sculpted into the design to accommodate brushes and cleaning chemicals. There’s also a side-slot where you may store your cleaning rods. With the Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise, you can sight three distinct shots. You have complete freedom to choose and customize according to your preferences.

The gun vise contains moving elements that may be adjusted. Almost any firearm of various sizes can be flexibly adjusted. Despite its low price, this gun vise is nevertheless extremely sturdy which is a nice touch that you might not find with other low-cost vises. It contains rubber touch pads that protect it from harm and is solvent resistant.

Steel is used to construct the gun vise’s frame. The frames are likewise tubular and welded, making them ideal for holding the gun vise. Dual clamp technology is included in the Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise. It ensures that your firearms are sturdy and secure.

Finally, this gun vise comes with four leveling feet for putting scopes on your firearms. This gun vise comes with a number of features, making it one of the most affordable gun vises on the market right now.


  • Adjusts to nearly any gun length
  • Works for cleaning and scope mounting too
  • Parts tray is included


  • Some people do not like a gun vise to have any plastic components
  • Cheaper than many other vises but also more expensive than plenty more


The Hyskore Gun Vise doubles as a cleaning and sighting tool. This gun vise comes with a lot of beneficial features for the price. Handguns, shotguns, rifles, and break open shotguns are all accommodated by this gun vise. This gun vise has a tray for storing and keeping track of your tools while performing weapon maintenance.

3. CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

The CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is one of the greatest overall gun vises for heavy-duty weapons that are too big for other gun vises. The P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is made of heavy-duty steel with an E-coat finish, making it a durable and dependable tool.

Despite its sturdy design, this gun vise isn’t quite as weighty as it appears. It is portable due to its weight of less than 9 pounds. The gun vise has a length of 25 inches and a width of 18 inches.

The CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise features a 3-point leveling mechanism and thumb locks that are easily accessible and adjustable. This keeps the gun vise in place.

The P3 Ultimate Gun Vise’s foot have rubber padding to avoid slippage. It also protects the surface where the gun vise is located. It comes with a rear vise to ensure that a rifle or firearm can be fitted. The front Y rest allows you to change the gun vise’s vertical position as needed.

Closed-cell PVC foam is used for both the back vise and the front Y rest. Because the PVC foam is solvent-safe, it protects you from harmful solvents and other chemicals. It also includes a hook for securing a cleaning rod.

If you wish to, you can use this gun vise as a shooting rest. If you feel the need, you can connect a shooting rest attachment. The same is true for attaching a gun post. It’s a fantastic multi-purpose gun vise.

Finally, the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise includes a rear firing pad to aid in the setup of rifles of various lengths. As a result, this gun vise works with a variety of firearms of various lengths.


  • Fits any type of shotgun, pistol, or rifle
  • Withstands a lot of damage without resulting scratches
  • Three-point leveling system allows you to stabilize your gun safely


  • Perhaps the most expensive vise on our list


The CTK P3 is sturdy and strong and made with the best materials. It remains both lightweight and ultra durable too. In many ways, this vise really is actually two products in one: It is a vise for nearly any gun and also a shooting rest too. To learn more about gun cleaning check our article- how many rounds before cleaning a gun.

4. Tipton Ultra Gun Vise with Heavy Duty Construction

The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise with Heavy Duty Construction is the latest version of the Tipton Best Gun Vise. You won’t be disappointed with this gun cleaning station, which has a sturdy steel frame with a solvent resistant coating. Rifles, break-open shotguns, handguns, and muzzleloaders are all compatible. It also works with compound bows and crossbows if you’re interested in archery. This extra versatility was a welcome addition.

Cleaning, gunsmithing, scope mounting, and routine weapon maintenance are all made easier with the Ultra Gun Vise. The adjustable clamps on this gun vise allow it to accommodate a wide range of rifle barrel lengths. I can appreciate them incorporating the ability to hold my compound bow as a bowhunter. With all of the tools I currently have on my workbench, having a pistol vise that can also be used as a gun cleaning stand is fantastic.

The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise is, again, a very costly gun cleaning stand, but it is well worth the money. They took their already excellent Best Gun Vise, enhanced it, and learned from it. You’ll notice there aren’t any others like this gun cleaning stand the moment you see it. There’s a lot to be said for firms who are ready to take a chance and try new things, and Tipton is unquestionably one of them.


  • Multi-functionality: can be used as a vise and also a mounting scope
  • Two utility trays included to keep all your small parts in on place
  • You can clean your weapons without taking them apart


  • Also fairly expensive


Versatility is very important when it comes to a gun vise and this wonderful creation from Tipton has it. It is designed to do multiple things at one time and can support multiple types of guns from rifles to shotguns to handguns and more.

5. Tipton Best Gun Vise

Perhaps you believe you have too many guns to fit into a single gun vise. If this is your situation, the Tipton Best Gun Vise is the answer. Tipton is best known for producing high-quality gun maintenance and cleaning equipment, such as this Tipton Best Gun Vise.

The Tipton Best Gun Vise is a multi-purpose gadget that may be used with any handgun you own. Pistols, bolt action rifles, pump-action shotguns, break-open shotguns, and sports rifles can all be held in the gun vise.

It’s made of polymer materials, and the center metal tube aids with vise support and cleaning. It also enables you to move all of the components as near or as far apart as you choose.

The components of the Tipton Best Gun Vise can modify and accept a wide range of firearms in your gun safe. This can be accomplished by simply sliding the components into the desired position.

You can adjust the offset clamps on the rear base to acquire a stronger grip on your rifle’s buttstock. The clamps may be adjusted in height and horizontal position to ensure that all of your firearms are securely held.

Despite the fact that it’s a really adaptable gun vise with a lot of great capabilities, it has one flaw: it is primarily made of plastic materials, which will have an impact on the product’s durability and longevity.


  • Easy assemble and start using quickly
  • Can withstand the damage that would be caused by chemicals
  • Features two adjustable offset clamps for a tight grip 


  • Made from plastic which isn’t great for many customers


If you possess a range of firearms and want your gun vise to accommodate them all, this is the best option. It speeds up and simplifies your cleaning operations.

6. MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center

The pistol cases made by MTM are well-known in the guns business. As polymer fabrication experts, they also produced new and improved gun vises. The MTM GV-30 is also a versatile gun vise system that may be used for a number of applications. The MTM GV-30 Gun Vise makes cleaning firearms, fitting optics, and other operations much easier.

It’s composed of red plastic, black rubber, and is hollow on the inside at a low price. It’s also as light as air. Furthermore, this Gun Vise is a well-made equipment. Its clever design also allows it to be as economical as feasible without sacrificing functionality.

The MTM Gun Vise is likewise a workstation made of plastic that supports a firearm and allows you to clean it with both hands. It’s a plastic apparatus that’s 31 inches long, 8 inches deep, and has 8-inch-high stands on both ends. It is capable of cleaning, maintaining, and smithing a wide range of firearms. MTM rubberized all touchpoints to protect the finish of your firearm. The second fork, which is positioned behind the clamp, is used to clean weapons at the proper angle.

The 11 compartments in the base can be used to organize rifle parts or anything else. The 21 screwdriver bit holders on the unit are equally at home with jags and brushes as they are with bits.


  • Non-marring hold and fast clamp help keep your guns safe and stable 
  • Quality price point
  • Rubberized contact parts and legs
  • Comes with lots of storage space


  • Is made from plastic, a common complaint for many users
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual


The vise is well-designed in general. It has sturdy plastic and clamps. It’s simple, yet it gets the job done. It satisfies the maintenance, cleaning, scope mounting, and basic gunsmithing needs of many rifle owners – all owing to its low cost and extensive range of features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need A Gun Vise For Cleaning?

A personal vise for cleaning will be owned by most serious gunsmiths or firearm aficionados. It’s crucial to be able to clean or repair your firearm without having to hold it in one hand. Cleaning using a vise is significantly easier, and it allows you to perform more accurate maintenance than you could otherwise.

Can I Use A Gun Vise As Shooting Support?

The only time a gun vise should be used as a shooting rest is if it was intended specifically for that purpose. When a weapon is fired from a gun vise, it can cause damage to the equipment as well as danger to the user and onlookers.

Will A Gun Vise Hold a Long Gun and Pistol?

Long rifles, shotguns, and handguns can all be held in gun vises. Some gun vises, on the other hand, can only hold one type of handgun. Please check our special article about how to clean your pistol

How Do You Clean a Gun Vise?

Scrub with an easygoing fabric (a microfiber fabric is recommended), dampening it a little with water before squeezing it hard and scrubbing. When approaching ports, be cautious; you don’t want any fluid to enter. Also, if necessary, use the best gun cleaner.

How Do You Remove Rust on a Gun Vise?

If corrosion appears on your vise, you can use a variety of methods to remove it. The simplest method is to use a corrosion removal chemical.

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