How To Build A Gun Safe Room

One of the most important parts of being a responsible gun owner is having a secure place to store your guns when you’re not using them. Regular gun safes can be a reliable option for you, a gun safe room is even better. Not only are they built into your home, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your safe, they’re also pretty cool.

Gun Safe Rooms vs. Panic Rooms

The main difference between a panic room and a gun safe room is how secure they are. Both types of rooms are more secure than a traditional stand-alone gun safe, but there are some differences. With a gun vault, the room has a security door and the walls may be reinforced, but generally speaking, they are a gun storage room with a security vault-style door. Panic rooms, on the other hand, are meant to withstand an attack. Panic rooms are only used in dangerous situations, and they need to be able to keep the homeowner safe until emergency services arrive.

Planning Your Gun Safe Room


Before you even start with construction, you must know what rules and regulations are in place where you live. Some counties and towns have strict building laws that dictate what types of modifications you’re allowed to make to your home.

Underground vs. Above Ground

One of the first things to consider is whether you’re going with above or below-ground construction. Both have their perks, of course, but something you’ll need to consider is climate control. Anything that is built underground will need to have some extra measures taken to keep the room from getting too cool or humid.

Basements are notorious for being damp and chilly, so you’ll want to consider this when planning your gun room. A dehumidifier in an underground gun vault makes a big difference. Above-ground rooms are usually kept at the same temperature and humidity level as the rest of your home.


Once you’ve established whether you’re building above or below ground, you can pick the exact placement of your gun room. Some people choose to transform a large closet or a room in their basement, as these locations are generally pretty discreet. If your gun safe room is just for storage purposes, then it can be out of the way, but if you want to be able to retreat to it for safety, make sure it’s close enough to where you usually spend your time so you can get to it safely in an emergency.


One of the main reasons to have a gun safe room in your home is so that your guns are locked away securely. Keeping them locked away can keep your children safe, as well as ensure that an intruder won’t be able to grab your guns and use them against you. You want a really sturdy door, but not obviously the door to a safe.

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The way you have your gun safe room set up will greatly impact the usefulness of the room. If you’re simply using this space as a secure storage locker for your firearms and accessories, your main focus is going to be on the layout of your storage items, such as shelving, and cabinets, as well as hooks that you can use to display your favorite pieces. 

If your gun room is going to serve more functions than simple storage, there are more things to consider when making your blueprint. Many people choose to have workbenches set up so they can have a place to clean and maintain their guns in addition to storing them. Alternatively, many gun owners choose to use their safe rooms as a secure shelter to protect them from home invaders. Some things you may want to add to your room are storage for food and water, a sink and toilet, seating, and even a bunk bed in case your family has to hunker down for any length of time.

Building Your Gun Safe Room


For those that are modifying an existing room, you need to be sure to choose a room that has minimal access points, including doors, windows, and too much wall perimeter. You’ll want to reinforce your existing structure, replacing regular windows with high-security options, as well as placing high-security panels over the drywall. 


When it comes to choosing the right door for your safe room, it’s important to keep in mind that you do want the door to be strong enough to keep your guns secure and your family safe, but you don’t want to pick something that is too obvious. Make sure you choose your door wisely; a door that looks too secure is going to tip people off right away. In order to make it look like it’s a door to any other room, choose a door that matches the aesthetic of your home.

The door to your gun vault should be in the locked position at all times (aside from when you’re using the room), with a lock that engages from the outside. Make sure the door and the lock are able to withstand attacks, whether from a pry bar, a baseball bat, or a saw. You may even choose to go with a bulletproof door, however, this is not crucial if the room isn’t intended to be a safe shelter for you or your family.


Keeping your guns safe and secure also means doing your best to fireproof the space they’ll be stored in. Many people not only store their personal hunting guns in a gun safe room, but you’ll also find antique firearms, expensive guns, and family heirlooms inside of the space. Using fire-resistant wall material and sealing all cracks with flame retardant caulking and foam can greatly reduce the chances of a fire destroying the content of your gun safe room. You can also see how to understand fire ratings.


If a simple gun safe just isn’t cutting it and you’re ready to move on to a gun safe room, ensuring you have plenty of storage, fire-resistant materials, and a strong, secure door can ensure your weapons are nice and safe whenever you’re ready to use them.

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