How to Organize A Gun Safe

The amount of room in your gun safe decreases as time passes and your collection of firearms grows. You may be perplexed as to what to do next. Is it time to invest in a new safe or enhance your current safe storage? Although both of these options are viable options, many people may lack the necessary space or financial resources to invest in a new storage system.

Don’t worry if you’re having this issue. We’ve put together some pointers on how to organize your gun safe to make the most of your space. When it comes to organizing your gun safe, you have a few options.

How To Organize A Gun Safe


Gun magnets are usually a smart place to start when it comes to effectively organizing a small or large gun safe. Install gun magnets underneath the safe’s shelves if your handguns have been haphazardly placed into a mound. This allows you to place your guns on the gun magnets, freeing up shelf space for additional firearms and supplies.

You can also use gun magnets to secure loose handguns to the entrance of your gun safe. This allows you to optimize gun safe space by totally freeing up some shelf space.

This arrangement can also be used with larger guns, avoiding the clutter of horizontally stacked rifles on racks.

Magnetic Magazine Mount

Due to the fact that most gun owners have more magazines than firearms, having extra magazines laying around can contribute to disarray. Installing magnetic magazine mounts inside your safe to lock your magazines and prevent them from being collected into unstructured piles is a simple and easy solution to organize your gun safe. Magnetic magazine mounts, like gun magnets, can be affixed to the inside of your gun safe door or beneath the shelves.

Magazine Hangers

You may hang 5-6 magazines per hanger on your gun safe shelf with magazine hangers. This attachment is a quick and easy internal gun safe upgrade that considerably aids in the organization of your gun safe by freeing up space formerly occupied by spare magazines. It also enables for speedy reloading in the event that a fire breaks out inside your home and you are trapped behind/near your safe. You can also put magazine hangers in the best fireproof long gun safe.

Handgun Hangers

Handgun hangers are one of the easiest methods to keep your gun safe organized. They’re like clothing hangers for your pistols, only they don’t require drilling holes or 3M adhesive.

To use, insert the hanger into the barrel of your pistol and connect it to the shelf edge of your gun safe.

If you have a lot of handguns, you could hang them up using several handgun hangers to make the most of your gun safe space. You may better arrange your gun safe by being able to keep more on the top half of the shelf while also arranging any handguns that have been left lying around with hangers locking your firearms beneath the shelf.

Door Panel Organizer

If you’ve ever purchased a closet door organizer to keep your shoes and things organized, you’ll recognize this. Except in the case of firearms.

You’ll have multiple pockets for magazines, ammo, pistols, or rifles depending on the door organizer you pick to organize your gun safe. This solution makes extra room in your gun safe and allows for easier firearm access by allowing you to pull guns off the shelves and hang them on the door.

You may even turn a conventional closet door organizer into a firearm door organizer to save money. Surely, you have one of those hanging around your house. 

This isn’t the most elegant or tactical option, but it does let you optimize gun storage space on a budget.

Handgun Rack

A handgun rack is another wonderful alternative if you have a lot of pistols at home and haven’t tried handgun hangers or gun magnets yet.

Think of it as a dish rack for your firearms. Your shelf space is not being utilised efficiently if your handguns are left horizontally on your shelves. Your guns may also be scratched if they are stacked one on top of the other.

A handgun rack eliminates the clutter of loose firearms by allowing you to organize your pistols in one easy-to-access row.

Rifle Rods

Rifle rods are a great alternative to a gun rack in your safe if you don’t want to use one. Furthermore, rifle rods typically take up less overall area and are less expensive than gun racks. Instead of stacking your guns in a single row, rifle rods are inserted into the barrels of your weapons to stabilize them, allowing you to stack numerous firearms in a row, depending on the size of your vault. You can also see the best gun safe under $500 for rifles.

Rifle rods and handgun hangers will not damage or deform your barrel, making them fully safe to use while also providing various benefits for organizing your gun safe.


If your safe didn’t come with a fabric-lined interior, but you still want to make use of the space, Installing a pegboard is an excellent option to adding velcro material to your safe if you don’t want to take the time to do so. This display arrangement not only maximizes the amount of space available, but it’s also a stylish way to store and display your weaponry.


Gun safe organization is an important but sometimes overlooked part of gun ownership. A well-organized gun safe may help you not only store your firearms safely and securely, but also keep track of them. Gun owners, especially those with children, should always be aware of the whereabouts of their firearms and ammunition.

Aside from safety, customizing your handgun storage allows you to make the most of the space inside your gun safe, avoiding the need to upgrade to a larger model.

Finally, you can organize your gun safe in a variety of ways, and it’s critical that you choose the style that best suits your needs. Everybody’s personal preferences are different, but if you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to find the perfect answer for you.

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