Where To Keep Guns For Home Defense?

The topic of gun storage gets overlooked too often in discussions of home defense. When a home invasion occurs, a home defense weapon that is not easily accessible will not be of much use. Moreover, storing guns in one place is no longer a good idea.

If someone were to attack our home, we would tend to focus on which weapons and ammunition we should get and what our response will be. What’s more important is how you keep your guns in your home. How exactly should your home defense gun be stored?

Even though many gun control advocates would love for there to be clear-cut rules about how to use and store guns, there is no universal solution. When it comes to deciding how to store home defense weapons, there are plenty of factors to consider.

Keeping a gun that you plan to use for self-defense is not the same as storing firearms you only use at the range. The following tips will show you how to secure your home defense gun in an accessible, yet secure place.

Gun Storage: Weighing The Options

It is inevitable that some people will recommend you always keep your weapon on you. This is simply not possible for most people, let alone practical.

Also, that argument is usually based on handguns, but what if it’s a shotgun? Should we just carry our shotguns everywhere?

It is tactically more effective to protect your family with decentralized gun storage, and it presents a huge obstacle for gun thieves. Ensure that your guns are secure and that you can quickly access them if needed.

Keeping valuables or firearms for personal defense in a safe that is obvious is the last place I would choose to store them. It is difficult to conceal traditional gun safes, and they provide little security, take too long to open, and are often the first place burglars look for valuables. Check the best long gun safes under $300.

So, Where Do You Store Firearms For Home Defense?

Here are the best places to store your gun so that you can decentralize it.

Guest Bedroom

You can store weapons in a closet in a guest room if you have one. It is typical for thieves to ignore guest rooms.

The guest bedroom might also be a good place to secure guns in order to defend the home. Staying near the guest bedroom in the event of a home invasion will at least give you the opportunity to arm yourself with firearms.

I’d love to have a secret door beside the guest room so that I can leave the apartment. After leaving the area, you should call 911 for assistance.

Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen is not usually a target for thieves, so it’s an ideal spot for small gun cabinets. During the day, people spend a lot of time in this room. During an invasion, you will always be able to obtain a firearm if you are in the kitchen. In addition, most homes have an exit from or near the kitchen. In this way, you can arm yourself and leave the house. It is important to avoid confrontation at all costs.

Your kitchen pantry could serve as a good hiding place for your guns and gun safes. This is a place that thieves would not likely target first.

The one thing you should keep in mind is that your gun should not come in contact with fire. In the kitchen pantry, it is better to keep a small fireproof gun safe.


Keeping your firearm inside of a closet is another excellent place for home defense. If the closet were near a door, it would be much easier to get out quickly with your gun. You should avoid confrontation with them since they might have sophisticated firearms and other equipment.  

There is no better place to secure firearms than here. These closets are ignored by thieves. A gun will be available in that closet within a matter of seconds if someone you don’t recognize begins to kick in the door.

Master Bedroom

In spite of the fact that it is the worst room to store valuables, this is also a room where you spend the most time sleeping. Fast Boxes can be used for storing one or two firearms under your bed. There is no need for more than that.

When a burglary or home invasion occurs, it is likely that the master bedroom will be targeted first. Keeping guns beside you would be a wise decision, since this is where you spend most of your time.

Bedside nightstand gun safes are great for storing your handguns since they allow quick and easy access within seconds in an emergency. In addition to nightstand safes, under-the-bed safes are another option for storing handguns and long guns. 

The biometric large gun safes are ideal for storing a large number of weapons in the master bedroom. Regardless of where you store your gun safe, you should ensure that it can be quickly accessed.

Options for Storing a Home Defense Gun

Getting a gun is probably the first thing you think of when it comes to home defense. No matter if you own handguns or long guns, the next most important thing is to secure them with a home defense safe.

The gun safe must also be placed in a suitable place. Where should I keep my home defense gun safe? It would be best if you stored your guns in different rooms of the house to provide a better defense.

Storing In A Safe

For many people, a safe is the obvious choice for the storage of a loaded weapon since leaving it lying around is bad. For the gun to be used as a home defense weapon, you will need a different type of safe from one that would be used for long-term storage.

Safes designed especially for defense guns are available in many varieties. Safely store your gun under your bed or near your bedside table. There are safes with finger sensors, electronic codes, and even key locks.

A firearm can be accessed quickly from any of these locations. They even come with features to help you keep an open mind, such as an instant open mind feature.

The place where a safe is stored is crucial when it comes to keeping one. You should be aware that you may need a firearm at any time, and that it’s not always going to occur during your sleep. Think about whether or not your bedroom is the best place for storing things.

There might be a need to install a safe on every level of your home if your house is multi-leveled. Depending on where your bedroom is located within the house, you might not have access to your gun if you’re doing laundry in the basement, fell asleep on the couch, or are in the bathroom.

Storing The Gun Out Of Sight

Gun owners can also store their firearms out of sight but in the open. This can be done in many ways, and some are incredibly clever.There is a growing number of companies that specialize in creating items that store a gun in a concealed, yet easily accessible place.

For example, there are shelves with hidden gun magazines and shelves designed to accommodate guns. It gives you the benefit of extra storage space for ordinary items and can be placed anywhere you need a shelf.

False walls are used for similar purposes, as are bed headboards with trapdoors for concealing firearms. Safe and secure ways to store firearms for home defense have become increasingly popular in recent years.

In the same way that safes are governed, these are also governed. No matter what kind of concealment you choose, be sure to have a plan for getting to them if things go south.

Storing The Gun Out Of Reach

Home defense weapons can also be placed in an area that’s obvious but unseen, such as a high shelf or cupboard. It is obviously not as secure as the other two methods (and is not recommended for homes with children or if you plan to ever have children in the home) but depending on your circumstances it is worth a try.

You may consider this as a compromise if you do not wish to or cannot open a safe (or cannot afford one). Guns can be stored “hidden” yet accessible using this method. Verify that your area’s laws are permissible before proceeding.

Your lifestyle and situation are the most important things to keep in mind when storing a home defense weapon. It’s important that whichever method you use to protect your firearm keeps your family and you safe.

Where Do Thieves Go When They Break Into A Home?

Data from real-world crimes reveals that when a burglar breaks into your house, they typically target the master bedroom, the eating room, the home office, and the living room.

It is likely that after going to the living room, they will go to the basement if they think there is a safe. As a thief knows there is something valuable inside a big, heavy gun safe, it is neither a deterrent nor an invitation for him.

An experienced thief can open a safe within minutes after finding it if they come prepared.

Final Words

In case of a fire, we are taught that everyone should meet outside the house. You’ll know everyone has been counted. A family member should be directed to a designated room in an emergency situation, such as a home invasion or robbery. Guest rooms or second bedrooms with locking doors are a great choice.

The reality is, even if you are not at home during a home invasion, you should always have your firearms close at hand. So, these are all the tips I can give you about where to keep your guns for home defense.

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