Best Gun Safe Under $300 In 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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As a gun owner, I’m well-versed in the responsibilities that come with owning a firearm. My primary obligation is ensuring that my firearms are kept safe and secure when I’m not around or sleeping. And the most effective way to do this is by locking them up in a high-quality gun safe.

I’m aware, however, that many of the gun safes available on the market can be quite expensive. Still, I’ve managed to identify some solid ones that are available for under 300 dollars. I’ve come to accept that gun safes are meant to be pricey.

They necessitate the use of costly materials for manufacturing and the inclusion of various technologies, which naturally escalates the price. But having spent considerable time researching and testing, I can confidently guide you to the best gun safe under 300 dollars – more than enough to secure your guns from children and unauthorized access.

So, how do you locate the best budget gun safe under 300 dollars? That’s where my experience comes in handy. In this piece, I will detail some of the top budget gun safes that I’ve personally tested and found effective for ensuring the safety of your weapons.


The 5 Best Gun Safes Under $300 Reviewed

1. Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Rifle Gun Safe – Best Gun Safe Under $300

Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Rifle Gun Safe for Firearms, Valuables, Anti-Theft w/Digital Keypad, 2 Compartment Keys, 2 Override Keys, Sleeve Anchors, Padded Interior - Black

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While this gun safe may not be the best fit for small weapons like handguns and pistols, its impressive capacity and thoughtful design make it an excellent option for storing a more extensive firearm collection.

Unmatched Capacity for a Wide Array of Firearms

The standout feature of this gun safe is undoubtedly its spaciousness. During my testing, I could comfortably store my array of long guns, from rifles to shotguns, without any issues of overcrowding. This included accommodating firearms with accessories like scopes and bipods, which can sometimes be problematic in less spacious safes. The built-in rifle rack proves to be incredibly handy, allowing me to keep the guns organized and secure.

The top drawer, a practical addition, offers a dedicated place for ammunition and other small equipment. One instance that stood out from my testing was when I used it to secure a range of ammunition types, from shotgun shells to rifle rounds. The drawer kept everything neat, organized, and within easy reach.

However, I noticed the drawer’s limited capacity could be a constraint for those with a large variety of accessories or a significant amount of ammunition.

Reliable Security System

Another highlight of this gun safe is its robust security system. The primary locking system is an electronic keypad, supporting a passcode of up to eight digits. I found this feature quite useful as it allows for quick access to the guns while ensuring their security.

Regarding the keypad’s responsiveness and user interface, it was intuitive and user-friendly, although in low-light conditions, the lack of backlighting on the keypad posed a slight challenge.

In case the passcode is forgotten, or there’s a system glitch, the safe comes with two override keys. This secondary access method proved to be invaluable during one of my testing scenarios when I intentionally ‘forgot’ the code.

Quality Material and Construction

Constructed from high-quality durable steel, the gun safe stood up well against potential tampering during my testing. The concealed hinges are an added security measure, significantly reducing the risk of prying attempts. However, during my testing, I did find that the weight and design of the door made it slightly cumbersome to open and close, particularly for individuals who might have physical limitations.

Furthermore, the interior of the safe is carpet-lined, a feature I found excellent in preventing potential scratches to both the firearms and the safe itself.

One aspect I found lacking was the fire and water resistance; while the safe is robust, additional protection in these areas could enhance its overall security and durability.Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Rifle Gun Safe for Firearms, Valuables, Anti-Theft w/Digital Keypad, 2 Compartment Keys, 2 Override Keys, Sleeve Anchors, Padded Interior - Black

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  • Spacious interior with a built-in rifle rack, perfect for storing a variety of long guns
  • An eight-digit digital keypad that ensures both security and easy access
  • Comes with two backup override keys for emergencies
  • Durable steel construction with concealed hinges for enhanced security
  • Carpet-lined interior to prevent scratches


  • The large design may not be suitable for storing small weapons like handguns and pistols
  • Slight difficulty in opening and closing the heavy door
  • Lacks fire and water resistance features


Overall, the Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Rifle Gun Safe provides remarkable value, particularly for those with a broad collection of long guns. The spacious interior, secure locking mechanism, and robust construction make it a standout product in the sub-$300 category. Its minor limitation regarding small weapons storage should not deter larger firearm collectors, given its superior features in almost every other aspect. In my testing experience, it proved itself to be a reliable, practical, and excellent gun safe.

2. SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital KeypadSentrySafe QAP2E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Two Handgun Capacity

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In the quest for affordable and reliable gun safes, I recently had the opportunity to review the SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe. From its small footprint to its intuitive digital keypad, this compact safe impressed me with its performance. Though it may not cater to a large collection of weapons, it shines in its niche, providing optimal protection for a select few firearms.

Compact Size for Focused Security

What struck me first about the SentrySafe QAP1E was its compact design, perfect for housing a few precious items. During my testing, I found it could comfortably hold two handguns, along with a couple of ammunition rounds. While the capacity might seem limited for some, the safe excelled in its focused security. For instance, I stored my Glock 19 and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, along with their respective ammunition, and found they fit snugly and securely inside.

Despite its small size, the internal layout is well-designed, maximizing space utilization. However, adding accessories like pistol grips or larger magazines to the handguns could make the fit a bit tighter.

Simple and Effective Security Features

The safe’s simplicity is one of its biggest assets. The four-button digital keypad is minimalistic yet highly effective. During my testing, I set up a unique code and appreciated the responsiveness of the keypad every time I accessed the safe.

The locking mechanism felt solid, and there was no sign of tampering or wear after multiple uses. However, the electronic lock could be a point of vulnerability in case of electronic failures or battery depletion.

Should you forget your code, the safe also includes an override key—a feature that, in my experience, adds a significant layer of comfort and peace of mind.

While the override key offers a backup option, it’s crucial to store it securely to prevent unauthorized access.

Portability and Easy Access

The portability of this safe was a surprising and welcome feature. It’s lightweight enough to be transportable, making it an excellent option for use as a car gun safe. When I used it in my vehicle during a road trip, I found its compact size to be a perfect fit.

The ergonomic design of the safe also made it easy to handle and position, both in the car and at home.

A notable design feature of this safe is the door equipped with gas strut compressors. This feature allows for smooth, quiet opening, a function I found particularly useful during my nighttime accessibility tests.

While the gas strut ensures a silent and efficient opening, it’s worth noting that the feature might require maintenance over time to keep functioning effectively.

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SentrySafe QAP2E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Two Handgun Capacity


  • Compact design suitable for holding two handguns
  • Responsive four-button digital keypad lock
  • Highly portable, making it a suitable option for a car gun safe
  • Gas strut compressor ensures smooth, silent opening of the door


  • Limited capacity – it can only house two handguns
  • Potential vulnerability in electronic lock mechanism
  • Need for secure storage of override key


Despite its limited capacity, the SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe is a top-notch choice for users seeking focused security for a couple of handguns. Its compact size, simplistic yet effective security features, portability, and easy access make it stand out in the crowded market of affordable gun safes. My personal experience with this safe affirms its popularity among gun enthusiasts, and I believe it is a brilliant investment for ensuring the security of your chosen handguns.

3. Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms and Long Guns SafeBarska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms and Long Guns Safe for Home, Removable Shelf, Optional Silent Mode, 1.83 Cubic Ft

I was excited to get my hands on the Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Safe, a favorite among gun owners for its affordability and diverse offerings. Barska has earned a solid reputation for offering gun safes in various sizes and designs, all without sacrificing build quality. This specific model, geared towards rifle and long gun owners, exceeded my expectations, combining spaciousness, speed, and unparalleled build quality.

Roomy and Well-Designed Interior

The first aspect of this safe that caught my attention was its spacious interior. Inside the safe, I found ample space to house my long-barrel firearms comfortably, thanks to the built-in rifle rack. My Remington 700 and AR-15 rifles both fit snugly and securely in place. There’s also a handy top drawer where I could easily store small accessories like ammunition and holsters.

However, I noticed the absence of customizable shelving or compartments, which could limit the storage options for various firearm accessories.

Cutting-Edge Biometric Scanner for Quick Access

What truly sets this unit apart from others is the incorporation of a state-of-the-art biometric scanner. During my testing, I programmed my fingerprint, and each subsequent access took less than 2.5 seconds. This quick and seamless access is invaluable, particularly in emergencies where every second counts.

The biometric system proved to be highly reliable, but it is important to note that it’s dependent on battery life, which necessitates regular checks and maintenance.

Robust and Tamper-Resistant Construction

The remarkable features of this safe don’t stop at its interior design or quick access. The construction of this unit is nothing short of sturdy. It’s made from high-quality steel, and I was particularly impressed by the tamper-resistant inner edges of the walls. Additionally, the safe is fortified with three steel deadbolts, which provided an added layer of security during my tests.

One aspect I found missing was the fire and water resistance capabilities, which are essential for added protection in different environments.Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms and Long Guns Safe for Home, Removable Shelf, Optional Silent Mode, 1.83 Cubic Ft


  • Superior build quality ensures long-lasting durability
  • Fast and responsive biometric scanner enables quick access
  • Built-in rifle rack optimizes space for long guns
  • Three steel deadbolts enhance the security level


  • Limited suitability for small weapons due to the design focus on long guns
  • Lacks fire and water resistance


All in all, the Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Safe offers an exceptional blend of size, speed, and security. With its robust construction, intuitive biometric scanner, and ample interior space, it’s an excellent choice for long gun owners. While it may not be the ideal safe for smaller firearms, it undoubtedly shines as a high-performance, affordable option for those who need to secure larger weapons. My personal experience with this product left me confident in its ability to provide secure and fast access to my firearms.

4. Stealth Handgun Hanger SafeStealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

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As someone who tests and reviews security products regularly, the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe has always been on my radar due to its innovative approach to compact gun storage. I recently had the opportunity to personally test and examine this compact handgun safe, renowned for its discreet design and high value for handgun and pistol owners.

Sleek, Compact and Concealable

The standout feature of the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is its compact design. Its slim profile and portable size allowed me to tuck it away easily in my office, unnoticed by visitors. The safe’s exterior is crafted from a rugged, high-grade steel that gave me confidence in its ability to withstand tampering attempts. Despite its sturdy build, I did observe that its weight could be a factor if frequent relocation is necessary. I appreciated this concealment feature, as it provided me with quick, unobtrusive access to my weapon when necessary.

Secure and Reliable Access Methods

The safe comes equipped with a digital keypad located on its top. During my testing, I found that the four-button configuration allowed for an intuitive and straightforward code input, making the safe accessible with ease. Moreover, an override key is included as a backup access method—a feature I found extremely useful during my testing, when I simulated a scenario in which the electronic keypad power had drained. One concern I noted was the keypad’s sensitivity to dust and moisture. Regular maintenance was required to ensure reliable functionality.

Interior Capacity and Configuration

Inside the safe, I discovered enough space to accommodate up to five different handguns. The interior lining is soft, protecting the firearms from scratches. However, from my experience, I’d suggest a more practical approach would be to store two or three handguns inside, with the remaining space dedicated to ammunition or other sensitive items. This setup ensures that the safe doesn’t become too cramped and allows for easy access and retrieval of items.Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box


  • Compact and portable, making it easy to conceal
  • High-quality digital lock provides secure access
  • Accommodates up to five handguns
  • Solid steel construction ensures durability and resistance against prying attempts


  • Can become cramped if all five handgun slots are filled
  • Heavier than expected, which could impact portability


The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe excels in providing secure, compact, and unobtrusive storage for handguns. Its design and features cater perfectly to those who need quick, discreet access to their weapons. While it may become a bit tight when filled to capacity, smart arrangement of handguns and other items can solve this minor issue. Its durable build and thoughtful ergonomics add to its appeal, although the need for maintenance on the keypad and its weight are points to consider. After thoroughly testing this safe, I’m convinced of its value and would recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable, concealable gun safe for their handguns.

5. BARSKA Biometric SafeBARSKA Biometric Safe

Having personally tested numerous security solutions over the years, I must say that the compact BARSKA Biometric Safe caught my attention in a unique way. The smaller sibling of another Barska model reviewed earlier, this unit demonstrated that a gun safe could be both compact and capacious while offering top-notch security.

Small in Size, Big on Security

Despite its compact design, I found the quality and robustness of the safe remarkable. The solid, high-grade steel construction and inclusion of two pry-resistant steel deadbolts contributed to an overall feeling of impenetrability—like a personal fortress for my firearms. However, I did notice that the safe’s compact size might limit its use for larger firearms or multiple weapon storage. The smaller footprint did not mean any compromise on the safe’s resilience, which impressed me greatly.

Quick Access with Cutting-edge Biometric Technology

One of the highlights of the safe for me was its high-quality biometric scanner. I was able to store up to 120 unique fingerprints, a feature that could be highly beneficial for multi-user scenarios. This technology, however, is dependent on battery life, and I noticed that regular battery changes were necessary to maintain optimal performance. During my testing, the scanner allowed access to the safe’s interior in less than 2.5 seconds—proof of its promise for quick and efficient access in any circumstance.

Spacious Interior and Silent Operation

Inside, the safe surprised me with its deceptive spaciousness. It comfortably held two of my handguns, with room left for a few extra accessories. The padding inside protected the guns from scratches and dents, though it did reduce the overall storage space slightly. Moreover, it has a silent operation feature that I found incredibly useful. I tested this feature by simulating a home intrusion scenario, and the silent opening gave me a distinct advantage. The lack of an internal light, however, made it challenging to identify contents in low-light conditions.The safe’s design also allows it to be installed in a closet, providing an added layer of concealment.BARSKA Biometric Safe


  • Compact and lightweight design, easy to install and conceal
  • Strong and robust construction with pry-resistant features
  • High-quality, quick-response biometric scanner
  • Silent operation mode for discrete access


  • Limited capacity for larger firearms or multiple weapons
  • Requires regular battery replacements to ensure uninterrupted biometric access
  • Absence of internal lighting


The BARSKA Biometric Safe proved to be a reliable and versatile security solution during my testing. It’s a compact safe that doesn’t skimp on security or space, and its top-of-the-line biometric scanner and silent operation mode add further to its appeal. For those in need of a compact, durable, and technologically advanced safe for storing handguns, the BARSKA Biometric Safe is a stellar choice. Despite its limited capacity for larger firearms and the need for frequent battery changes, its advantages in terms of security, space utilization, and silent access make it a valuable asset for responsible gun owners.

Things To Consider When Buying a Gun Safe under $300

When your budget is tight, you have to exercise extra caution when choosing your gun safe. While the safety and security of your firearm is an obvious priority, you also have to consider many other factors to ensure you get the best possible product within your budget.

Based on my experience, I’ve highlighted some of the high-value, low-cost units that I’ve found reliable. Understanding the critical factors that make a gun safe effective will enable you to select the right one for your needs without any worry.

In the following section of this article, I’ll go over some of the key aspects that I always keep in mind when I’m looking for the best gun safe for under 300 dollars.

Size Of The Safe

Just because you’re budget-conscious, doesn’t mean you’re limited to a small nightstand gun safe. I’ve discovered that these days, even larger full-sized gun safes come with affordable price tags. Rather than focusing solely on the cost, you should identify the size of the safe you need for all your guns.

In my reviews, I’ve highlighted two remarkable units that can store full-sized rifles or shotguns without running out of space. If, like me, you’re an avid collector of guns and want a safe that can accommodate all your weapons without issue, consider opting for a larger safe.

However, bear in mind that large safes are not very portable or hidden. For those desiring a low-profile safe that conceals the presence of a weapon in the room, such units might not be the best choice. A small lightweight safe can also be a great choice if you prioritize portability, quick access, and concealment.

One advantage of a small safe is that on a budget, you’re likely to find better value. Whichever size you decide to go with, ensure you don’t compromise on other aspects like overall construction quality or locking mechanism. Size is an important factor, but your weapon’s security is much more critical. You can see my article how to hide a gun safe in your house.

Locking Mechanism

Another crucial aspect to consider when buying a gun safe, based on my personal experience, is the locking mechanism. This component is responsible for the security of the safe. A gun safe with a subpar locking mechanism that can be easily bypassed isn’t worth your time or money.

Typically, a gun safe can feature one of four different locking systems. I’ve seen models that include multiple locking systems to enhance security. The four major types of locking mechanisms found on gun safes are biometric security, electronic keypad lock, mechanical combination, and analog key lock.

Each type of lock has its unique advantages and the one you choose should cater to your specific needs. For instance, biometric security is excellent for easy access and keeping your unit secured. However, finding a budget-friendly unit with biometric sensors can be challenging.

Electronic keypads offer a nice balance of security, ease of access, and price. The same goes for combination locks. However, keep in mind that electronic keypads require power, while combination locks do not. Depending on the type of lock you choose, there will always be a trade-off.

Material Quality And Thickness

In my experience, gun safes are typically made using steel. However, the quality of the steel and its thickness determines how effective it is at safeguarding your belongings. The thicker the steel, the better its performance. While it might make the safe less portable, it significantly enhances its security.

The gauge of steel used in the safe’s construction helps understand the overall thickness of the material. A small portable gun safe might feature only 5-gauge steel walls, while a larger gun vault might have 18-gauge thick steel or more.

The size and type of safe you choose will directly impact the thickness of your gun safe. A portable car gun safe, for instance, will not use the same material you’ll find on a hidden wall safe. There will also be a difference in material thickness between the two.

If you’re opting for a larger gun safe, like I often do, pay extra attention to material thickness and quality. In these cases, if the steel is thinner than 5-gauge, I recommend you move on to another product. For smaller units, you can afford to be a bit more lenient on this aspect.

Special Features

These days, gun safes come with different mechanical designs intended to boost the impenetrability of a specific unit. Manufacturers often experiment with new techniques, some of which I’ve found to be excellent additions to a gun safe.

Features like automated deadbolts or concealed hinges can make your safe even more secure. You can also find gun safes that are completely fire or waterproof. This way, your safe will not only secure your belongings from thieves but also from natural disasters.

Interior Arrangements

The interior of the gun safe is an important aspect to consider when choosing it. Although the available space depends on the size of the gun safe, I’ve noticed that some gun safes utilize the interior more effectively due to clever arrangements of shelves and drawers.

Furthermore, everyone has different needs regarding interior spacing. For example, while I might prefer having two or three separate compartments in my gun safe, others may prefer a single larger compartment. So you need to understand your requirements better.

If you’re opting for a compact gun safe like I sometimes do, you don’t need a lot of compartments. Larger gun safes, on the other hand, benefit from adjustable shelves that you can remove if you need more space inside. In the end, it’s all about your preference as the user.

Fire and Water Resistance

Although gun safes are designed to protect your weapons against intruders, I’ve learned that not all of them offer the same level of protection from natural hazards. Fire and water are two devastating enemies of both your firearms and gun safes. Unless the safe is specially equipped to withstand these elements, your weapons are at risk.

Therefore, whichever unit you buy, make sure to check its fire and water resistance before choosing it. Of course, since you’re on a budget, it’s unrealistic to expect the gun safe to protect your weapons indefinitely against fire or water. But with careful s

If you ever forget your combination, I have an article on how to open a safe without key and combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying a 300-dollar gun safe a good idea?

Well, it depends. To be absolutely honest, you should never cheap out when buying a gun safe. It serves as the first and often the final line of defense for your home. That is why ensuring you have the highest quality gun safe is quite important for your safety.

However, these days, the quality of even affordable gun safes has elevated to exquisite levels. It is much easier to find a good quality safe at a budget-friendly price tag. So if you are stuck on a low budget, you can definitely get yourself a good safe if you look carefully.

Do I need biometric security in my gun safe?

Although biometric security offers an excellent quality of life improvement, it is not an absolute must-have for a gun safe. Electronic or even mechanical keypads are just as adept at protecting your weapons inside the safe.

The best thing about biometric scanners is the ease of access. You can open up your safe with just a simple touch of your finger and do not have to worry about remembering an access code. If that sounds appealing to you, then you can go for a biometric security gun safe.

Are all budget gun safes fireproof?

No. In fact, when shopping on a budget, it is hard to find a unit with a good fireproof rating. To ensure proper fire resistance, manufacturers need to use a lot of different resources in the gun safe which can drastically affect the price.

Still, these days, you can find units that offer you a primary level of fire resistance. At the very least, you should have enough time to take out your weapon and run if a fire does break out.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a gun safe. But that does not mean you should not be able to keep your weapon secured. Now that you know where to look, you should have no trouble picking out the best gun safe under 300 for your home or office to safely store your weapon. I hope our article could help make it easier for you to make the right choice.

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