How To Clean Gun Cleaning Mops

Having or possessing a firearm is a source of pride, but it also implies that you should treat it with care. Cleaning the pistol with the bore mop is especially important so that you can shoot it effortlessly. If the gun appears dirty, it suggests it hasn’t been given enough attention. Sometimes the best way to give it that attention is to use a gun cleaning mop.

A gun cleaning mop is a thick cotton mop with the same diameter as the bore of the gun. You can use the gun cleaner on the gun cleaning mop and push it forward and backward.

It will soak up the water and move around freely. The mops also wipe the fouling odor from the barrels during this process. Bore mops are generally of good quality and have solid construction.

How To Clean A Gun Cleaning Mop

When it comes to cleaning a gun cleaning mop, there are many options that you can take. It all depends upon the exact brand and product that you have selected and use.

For most people, the usual cleaning procedure involves using dishwashing liquid that is considered full-strength, following by rinsing the mop in hot water and allowing it to dry completely before using it again.

Other sometimes use their home dishwasher to clean this gun cleaning mops. Of course, these people take special care to ensure that there are no actual dishes in their dishwasher.

There are also products on the market that are said to clean gun cleaning mops and other cleaning rags really well, and many gun owners have employed them to get the job done too. 

The most important part about cleaning a gun cleaning mop is making sure that it is completely dry before it is used again. This is because a wet gun cleaning mop will leave residue inside and around the gun and, more importantly, it won’t get the job done and the gun will remain dirty and filled with debris. 

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What To Consider When Buying a Gun Cleaning Mop

It is recommended that you get a gun cleaning mop or brush that is gauge-specific and caliber-specific, with the stem’s size indicated.

It allows you to enjoy the perfect brush grasp every time. You may always search for a corrosive-resistant core wire that has greater bristle retention, a tighter twist, and a longer brush life.

You should be aware of the purpose of a gun cleaning mop before purchasing one. As a result, it’s recommended to choose a bronze-phosphor composition (Nylon and bronze). It’s a popular choice, and several specialty brushes now include steel-bristled chamber brushes.

People who want a bore safe do not favor the steel version, even though it was once convenient. Brass, on the other hand, is softer and does not scratch the bore.

People that use a bronze brush get a better clean, although this is a personal taste. Nylon brushes are popular because of the cleaning and scrubbing power they provide.

Instead of scrubbing and removing the harder stuff, the nylon brush is ideal for eliminating fouling and sweeping out loose carbon. 

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