How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

When it comes to responsible firearm ownership, one of the most important things is secure storage. Many of the easily accessible hidden storage options aren’t as secure as a gun safe, however, they are much more discreet, which can come in handy if you want to hide your guns from burglars or your kids. A traditional gun safe is a pretty obvious place to stash your firearms, but gun storage furniture tends to be great for hiding rifles, handguns, and even knives.

Hidden Gun Safes

Gun safes are the best choice for firearm storage because they lock and are truly secure. The problem is that a safe that is in plain view is something that a burglar will instantly be drawn to because they generally contain valuable items. There are some easy ways you can camouflage your safe so that you can get to it easily while keeping it hidden from anyone that wouldn’t know it’s there.

Wall Storage

Just like in the movies, you can have a hidden safe on your wall. This isn’t something every gun owner can pull off since you have to cut a hole in your drywall, but if you own your own home, this is a great option. Inner wall storage boxes are mounted between two studs within one of your walls. In front of the safe, you can hide it with anything you want, from mirrors to artwork to chalkboards. Check the best apartment gun safes under $1000 which you can put behind a wall.

This option does have its downsides, though. Because it is mounted between the studs, you are limited in size. The width of the gap is your limit. However, you can find safes that are tall and narrow, which may end up being big enough to accommodate for rifles, shotguns, and other long guns. Hiding your extra long safe behind a full-length mirror is a clever way to hide your firearms.

Underneath Furniture

Now, this isn’t exactly the most secure option, but if you want to have an actual safe that is easy to get to, but you can’t cut a hole in your wall, stashing a gun safe underneath your furniture is an option. You’ll definitely want a way to camouflage your safe so they’re not so obvious. If a burglar looks underneath your bed and sees a safe just sitting there, they will probably want to take it with them. Hidden under furniture with something in front to disguise it allows you easy access with a bit of protection against theft.

Concealed Furniture

Another great option for keeping your guns accessible but hidden is with concealed furniture. There are several amazing options that have hidden compartments that keep all of your firearms within reach, but not in an obvious way. Whether you want to store your guns in the bedroom, living room, or elsewhere, there are plenty of furniture options for the whole home.


When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, having access to firearms in the bedroom is important. If you need to defend your home, you don’t want to have to go elsewhere to find a gun, and if something happens in the middle of the night, chances are you will be in the bedroom. Many dressers with concealed gun storage have a secret compartment underneath the top of the dresser that you access by lifting the top like the lid of a toy box.

Depending on the size of your dresser, you can fit rifles, handguns, and ammunition. You’ll be prepared to take on anything or anyone that poses a risk to your home or family. These are also great for keeping the guns away from your kids, especially if your dresser is tall enough to be out of their reach. You can put one of the best gun safes under $500 in your dresser.


Similar to the rifle storage dresser, tables with hidden compartments for guns typically are located underneath the top of the table. Depending on the size of your table, you should be able to fit rifles, handguns, and ammo within your gun storage table.

One of the best things about a gun storage table is that they work in any area of your home, from your living room to your kitchen to your home office. The tables are nice and solid and hide your weapons well. They will be securely and discreetly stored, keeping them out of the hands of curious kids and dangerous strangers.

Storage Bench

They look just like the storage benches or trunks you often see at the foot of a bed, but they hold more than blankets and old photo albums. Hidden gun storage benches don’t look like your typical gun safe, so while you will know what you have stored in there, any unwelcome guests won’t necessarily be able to tell. This is ideal because you don’t want someone to use your weapons against you, especially in your own home.

Curio Cabinet

For storage in your living room, consider getting a curio cabinet gun safe. This style of gun storage is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, or other common areas you’d normally see a curio cabinet. Located behind the display area, the storage area is generally a panel that slides out from the side, where you can store riles, handguns, ammo, and other firearm accessories.

These handy cabinets have a classic look to them, featuring a curio display with glass shelves. Because of the simple and traditional design, the curio cabinet style gun safe should fit in with the decor of most homes. The key to finding the right gun storage furniture is picking something that is functional and doesn’t stick out as something that obviously doesn’t go with the rest of your space.


When it comes to storing your firearms, most people want them to be accessible, but safely stored so that kids and intruders can’t get to them as easily. From hidden safes within your walls to curio cabinets with a surprise slide out gun rack, there are a ton of ways you can hide your guns in plain sight.

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