How To Hide A Gun Safe In Your House?

Do you know that the number of licensed guns in the US is more significant than its population? People purchase guns for various reasons, with hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense being the most common.

Either way, everyone needs to hide their guns when not in use. There are a handful of creative solutions to hide a gun safe in the house while keeping it conveniently close.

Behind the picture on the wall, inside the closet, underneath the stairs are some of the common ones, whereas integrating a gun safe in your bed, or couch, or a table are some of the craziest ones.

It depends on your budget and how committed you are.Nothing beats the level of security a handgun offers, and for this very reason, more and more Americans are leaning toward buying and keeping handguns or other firearms.

But with great power comes great responsibilities. But why would you want to hide a gun safe in the first place? Aren’t gun safes sturdy, and aren’t they meant to be safe?

Why You Should Consider Hiding A Gun Safe

Gun safes are sturdy and strong. They are heavy and can take a beating, even the smallest ones. They are nigh indestructible but not quite completely. There are ways to break it open or even completely bypass the security.

Additionally, they are usually ugly as hell for a regular household. So, the best way to incorporate a gun safe in a regular room is by hiding it out of sight.

Hiding a gun safe also serves another purpose. If you leave the safe exposed, know for sure that it will catch everyone’s eyes, including children and intruders.

So, When either of the two enters the room, the first thing they will do is approach it, even before approaching you.

So, hiding a gun safe provides protection. But it also provides accessibility. If you can hide the safe ingeniously, you will probably be able to hide it almost right next to your hand.

However, it depends on the size of the safe and the number of firearms inside. But you get the point.So, we’ve established why you should hide a gun safe. Then comes the question, how can you hide it, and where?

How To Hide A Gun Safe

There are a lot of ways to hide a gun safe. As I mentioned before, it highly depends on the size and shape of your gun safe. You can get creative and hide a gun safe at a spot where no one will ever expect it. Follow along; we will discuss some of those ideas.

Hide It Inside A Closet

Hiding a gun safe inside a closet is probably the oldest trick in the book. But it is also one of the most effective ways of hiding a gun safe out of sight while keeping it close enough in reach so that you can get to your guns at a moment’s notice without exposing yourself to danger.

If your gun safe is small, you can put it inside your bedroom closet quite easily. There will be enough space for you to keep other stuff in it as well. If it’s really small, for a couple of handguns, you will hardly even notice it. But the safe protects the guns, whereas the closet will protect the safe.

But if the safe is large, you might not be inclined to sacrifice nearly the whole space for the gun safe. In that case, you can buy an old-looking closet and dedicate that to the safe, and put the closet in another room, somewhere out of the way.

Integrate A Gun Safe In Your Couch

Couches are a great option to hide a gun safe while keeping the firearms fairly in reach. Most of the sofas and couches have hollow seats with tons of empty space. With proper knowledge and expertise, you can integrate a gun safe in that space.

You can either use the seating cushion as the lid of the safe, or you can smartly hide a few drawers on the sides of the sofa. Drawers are easier to make but also easier to access, and therefore more vulnerable, whereas lid-type safes are safer. But they are also trickier to hide properly without raising suspicion.

Now, won’t the guns get damaged when someone sits on the couch? The answer is, No. As long as you add relatively thick metal plating underneath the cushion, sitting on it won’t damage any guns. Be wary that the sides and especially the ceiling of the safe have to be strong enough to carry the load.

Integrate A Gun Safe In Your Bed

Integrating a gun safe in your bed is basically the same concept as a couch, but it is even better. The beds are larger and stronger. There is even more space available underneath. You can easily convert it into a bigger gun safe. But the only catch is, the sides of your bed must be covered or concealed. See the best bedside gun safe.

If your bed has open sides, then there’s simply no way to pull it off. Let’s assume it has covered sides. You can easily fit a lid-style gun safe underneath the cushion without any hustle. But it could be tricky to access in times of emergency.

If you can pull it off, integrating a drawer-style safe will be far more convenient to access. But successfully hiding it while keeping it protected can be a challenge. That’s homework for a DIYer. An average person can hire a master woodworker for the job.

Behind A Picture On The Wall

If you have a small wall-mounted gun safe, you can mount it in a spot where people will expect it the least. Hiding a gun safe behind a picture is a strong candidate for the most ancient technique of hiding a gun safe.

You don’t necessarily have to hide it behind a picture; you can hide it behind a calendar, a mirror, toolbox, Television, fridge, virtually anything as long as you can access the contents inside fairly quickly.

Keep in mind that this method of hiding a gun safe is only available for you if your house has drywall walls. You can use a wall-mounted safe in a concrete house only if you place it while constructing the house. See which is the best gun safe under $300.

Use The Safe A Lamp-Table

If your gun safe is of the proper size, you can put it on a convenient spot and cover it with a piece of cloth or table cloth. If you put the safe near your bed, then place a table lamp, a few books, maybe water, or some other convenient accessories.

If the safe is hidden properly with cloth, no one will know other than you.Alternatively, you can put the safe in some other room and hide it in the same manner, and place convenient items on it to make it more realistic—for example, a potted plant or colored light.

Inside Your Garage/Store Room

You can put your gun safe in your garage or storeroom and still keep it safe. You just need to be more creative at covering it with items that are natural in that environment. Old cardboard boxes are a great option for most scenarios. They blend well in most places without looking odd or out of place.

You can tape or glue a few of them together so that they don’t accidentally fall off. But even if they do, you can restore them with ease. Another sneaky way is to throw a few polyethene’s or other semi-garbage on it.

This method is only useful if you don’t need to access your safe regularly, and the safe is strong and sturdy enough to hold its own in times of invasion or attack.

Final Words

These are some of the ideas of hiding a gun safe in a regular household. There are more ways to integrate a gun safe in other furniture and whatnot. Some people install gun safes inside the floor and cover them with rugs. Some people like to use obvious safes and put them out in the open.

I do admit that some safes have bulky or even good looks and aesthetics. Some blend well with the surroundings. That works as long as the safe is bolted to the floor pretty darn well. But in my opinion, hiding them is the best approach.

Hiding a safe in your house not only protects it from burglars or robbers but also keeps it secured from the curiosity of kids and teens. Not only protecting the guns is important, but also protecting the people from the gun is. Anyway, stay safe, take care.

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