How To Open A Safe Without A Key And Combination?

Do you have a safe with no known combination? In this article, we are going to discuss how you get in. At Bang Inc, we hear one question over and over, “I don’t have my safe combination; how do I get in?”

If you do not know the combination to your safe, what do you do? There are many options. The safe can be opened with a key, but you don’t have one.

Your safe’s combination can be retrieved, but you will need to hire a professional to do so. The safe can be drilled professionally and later repaired. Or you can simply break-in.

Often, the combination has been lost or is locked inside the safe. Trust me; this happens a lot. Also, if you recently bought a home, chances are, there is a safe installed in the house, which you don’t have access to.

This is very common with in-floor safes. If you want to begin using it, I will highly recommend you read our guide on how to open a safe without a key and combination.

To get into a safe, you can use a locksmith to:

  1. Get an override key.
  2. Retrieve the combination.
  3. Break into the safe quickly.
  4. Drill the safe open professionally and then repair it.

Gathering All The Information

Before you do any of the above, you will need to get as much information as you can about the safe. For that, you will first need to get the safe’s brand and model number. You will need it so the locksmith can research it.

The brand is usually the easiest to find. Most of the time, manufacturers put this on the door of the safe. Many manufacturers also put the serial number on the bottom corner of the front door.

How To Open A Safe Without A Key And Combination

Model numbers can be trickier. Most manufacturers are placing model numbers on the back of the safe. So, if your safe is bolted down or too heavy to move, you may not be able to get a model number.

But don’t worry. If you found the serial number, a locksmith can usually get all the information about your safe from the manufacture.

What Is A Locksmith Looking For With This Information? Here are the reasons why this information is needed.

1. For Getting An Override Key

Most of the time, if the serial number is found, it is easy to get an override key. Some safe manufactures, typically inexpensive safes, provide a key as a second method to get into the safe. If there is a key override, your local locksmith may be able to get a copy of it or make one from scratch.

2. How Expensive Is The Safe?

If the safe is cheaply made, for example, big-box store safes, they are not worth the time and money to professionally drill and repair. It would cost more than simply replacing the safe. When this is the case, the locksmith can help by breaking into the safe quickly. Check the top safes under $300.

3. Retrieving The Combination

If the safe has a dial and you were able to find the serial number, the locksmith may be able to retrieve the original combination to the safe. Most safe manufacturers will not provide this data over the phone to a consumer, so you will need a locksmith.

The locksmith acts as a security barrier for the manufacturer and will come to your location to verify you are the owner before trying the combination out.

So lost as the combination has never been changed, this will open the safe. The locksmith will then be able to reset the safe combination for you.

4. Obtain An Electronic Combination Override

If your safe has an electronic lock, the safe serial number, or the serial number of the electronic safe lock itself can be used to see if there is a master override code for the safe. Entering the override code will reset the electronic lock so that the lock’s default combination will work.

Here again, this combination is not provided directly to a consumer. Your local locksmith will need to go to the location of the safe and verify you are the owner of the property the safe is in.

5. Knowing Where To Drill

As a last resort, your safe can be drilled when the combination has been lost. With the model and the serial number, the locksmith can get the drill points off the safe and know exactly where to drill, not to trigger any of the safe’s security measures.

Once open, the safe can then be repaired and function like new. These are the possible option to open a safe without a key and combination. And that’s all there is to it.

Now, all of these methods can only be done by a professional locksmith. If you want to do it on your own, the following section is for you.

How to Open a Winchester Safe Without Combination?

Winchester safes are locked with an electronic system that requires a combination. There are a few things you can do to unlock a safe if you’ve forgotten the combination or are locked out for any other reason. It is hard to break into or crack open safes of this type as they are built for maximum security.

In emergency situations, use the override key that comes with every Winchester safe. You can reprogram the safe’s code by using the key to open the safe and override the lock.

It may be necessary to invest some money in order to request a replacement key and combination online from the manufacturer if you have lost both.

However, Winchester offers replacement keys for free for a limited time after buying. Please contact them and let them know your safe’s serial number and model to see if you’re eligible.

You can read our guide on which is the best bedside table gun safe, which hopefully you won’t need to forcefully open.

How to Open a Stack-On Safe Without Key?

You should first check to see whether you have a backup key in case you forget the combo of your stack-on safe. A backup key of a stack-on electronic safe is provided beneath the electronic keypad, which allows you to open the safe without using the combination lock.

The manufacturer can replace a key for you if you cannot locate a backup key.Nonetheless, getting a replacement key costs money and takes several business days, and there are rarely enough keys available depending on the safe model. The following methods can also be used to open your stack-on safe:

1. Try Picking The Lock

A nail file, paper clip, or other picking tools can be used to try to crack the lock. It is also possible to damage your safe if you are unfamiliar with picking locks.

2. Drill Through The Lock

In addition to being effective, this option also causes permanent damage to your safe. The lock can be broken by drilling through it and releasing the door. The lock can be replaced if you wish to use the safe after it has been damaged.

3. Hammering It

Hammer repeatedly on your safe’s lock mechanism to try to open it. By doing this, you may be able to loosen the anchor holding the locking bar in place. A stack-on safe or any other safe for the matter may also be permanently damaged by this method.

4. Prying It Open

The locking area of these safes is not completely airtight, so an object can be inserted through a pry space to unlock the safe; having pried the lock open, the safe is now unusable and cannot be used as it is meant to be.

How to Open a Sentry Safe Without Combination?

Safes made by Sentry Safe are very popular. These kinds of safes are typically unlocked by a combination, and keys are used for a manual override. It’s possible to request a replacement code from the manufacturer if you have forgotten yours.

You will need to supply them with your model number, serial number, $30 payment, and an email address that you can be reached at. After 7-10 business days, you will receive your new combination by email.

Another option is to use a manual override key. You can also replace the key if you misplace it by contacting Sentry Safe. You will be able to receive your replacement keys after providing them with the necessary information.

The best way to open the safe with a rare earth magnet is if either of these options doesn’t appeal to you or if you need a more cost-effective solution. Using a nail file or paper clip can also be used to free the lock mechanism and enable you to open the safe.

This procedure requires patience. Nonetheless, using a magnet carries no risk of damaging the locking mechanism since most inexperienced pickers may cause permanent damage to the lock.

In a Nutshell

Here are the things you can try to open a safe without a key and combination.

  1. Communicate with safe company.
  2. Opening the safe using southord 7 pins tubular lock pick.
  3. Opening the safe using bore scope and resetting combination:
  4. Opening the safe with a paper clip.
  5. Opening the safe using a knife and screwdriver.
  6. Opening the safe using nail cutter filer.
  7. Opening the safe using hammer and chisel.
  8. Opening the safe using bounce or smack method.

Try any of the above to see which one works best!

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