How to Transport a Gun Safe

You’re getting ready to relocate, and you’ll need to know how to move a gun safe. The gun safe is heavy, so it’s a time you dread. Nevertheless, you must know how to transfer a gun safe in a timely and secure manner.

When you have to relocate your gun safe from one location to another, it can be a little intimidating. A gun safe is, by definition, a dangerous item. It is not only large and ungainly, but it is also quite heavy, and you know you have no choice but to move it.

How To Transport a Gun Safe

You don’t want to hurry into carrying your gun safe, which is why you need a well-thought-out strategy. Make sure you have all of the necessary tools. After you’ve determined the safe’s weight, inspect the route for any potential stumbling blocks. If the job becomes too difficult to handle, hire a professional, although you can enlist the support of friends.

Create a Path

If you are moving to a new place, you will need to remove the safe from your current home. As a result, make sure your path is free of impediments. Also, park your truck as close to the ramp as possible to obtain your safe.

Get Help

The weight of a gun safe is considerable. As a result, you should enlist the assistance of friends or relatives to relocate the safe. If you hurt your back, moving the safe by yourself is pointless! Solicit assistance in order to make your life easier and safer.

Empty the Safe First

Remove all firearms and ammo from the safe and place them in transportable, lockable hard-shell cases. This will safeguard them from harm and lighten the safe. Always transfer your guns unloaded, even if it should go without saying.

Protect Your Home

It’s important not to underestimate the difficulty of transporting a large and hefty gun safe. Even if you’re convinced that you’ll be able to handle the safe’s unusual weight and size without the help of professionals, one erroneous step can cause more trouble than you can handle on the day of the move.

Even if you’ve already covered the safe by covering it in thick furniture blankets, that precaution may not always be sufficient to assure the safe’s easy and damage-free transport.

Wrap any tight locations that the safe will pass through while being removed from your home – door openings, tight corners, walls, and even any furniture pieces that the enormous strongbox may come into contact with during the trip to the moving truck.

Consider covering the floors with old rugs, blankets, or huge sheets of thick cardboard to reduce the impact and minimize damage if the safe falls off the heavy-duty dolly and lands on the floor. If you are a fan of keeping a safe in your bedroom, check the best biometric bedside gun safe.

Get Moving Equipment

For transporting a gun safe, borrow or rent a heavy-duty moving dolly, as well as sturdy strapping and moving blankets. You’ll want to map out your moving path ahead of time, removing any potential barriers and determining what kind of moving equipment you’ll require. If you’re dealing with a large staircase, you might want to consider hiring an expert. They’ve been taught how to move a safe. Otherwise, a stair-climbing dolly and other specialized equipment can help make the operation go more smoothly.

The most significant component of your decision to move your huge house safe without engaging the services of a professional moving company is having the correct equipment for transporting a safe.

As previously said, you’ll need a heavy-duty dolly rented from a local mover that’s appropriate for the weight and size of the home vault you’re transferring.

Make sure you and your assistance have closed-toed boots, steel toe is the safest, with non-slip tread and some good-grip work gloves.

When loading and moving the dolly, it is vital that you follow the next few steps closely:

  • Align the dolly directly next to one side of the safe
  • Have those who are assisting you stand on either side of the safe and lean is slightly
  • Slide the dolly underneath the safe until it rests against it
  • Use the straps or pieces of rope to strap down the safe to the dolly. Tighten the straps as far as they will go to to eliminate movement of the safe
  • Tilt the dolly back on its wheels and keep the safe balanced and stabilized throughout the move

It is very important that you move as slowly as you need and never ever rush this part of the process because not only could it end with the safe being damaged, it could also end up with your being hurt as well.

Secure It

The last thing you want is for the dolly to tip or slide off as you move it. As a result, make sure the safe is appropriately balanced on the dolly.

Because a gun safe is so large, there isn’t much you can do if it falls over. It has the potential to inflict serious damage. Make sure the dolly is suitable for the job and large enough to accommodate the safe. Also read our guide on the best gun safes under  $1000.

Start Moving

Once your route is clear, you can begin moving the safe. Please make sure to take your time. Stop every now and then to make sure the safe is properly balanced on the dolly. Rather than trying to maneuver the safe around an obstruction, move it out of the way.

Protect it from damage by wrapping it in moving blankets. To keep the blankets from dropping and presenting tripping hazards, tape them in place.

Slowly and carefully tilt your safe and slip the dolly underneath its bottom with the help of your pals. Before traveling along your pre-planned course, completely fasten the safe to the dolly with the straps or ropes. Use a loading ramp to roll the dolly up if you’re loading the safe onto the back of a moving truck.

Position the safe against a side of the vehicle and securely strap it in place so it doesn’t move throughout the travel. Reverse your actions to properly unload and relocate your safe into its new spot, whether you’re moving within your home or to another location.

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