How to Use a Gun Cleaning Jag

Brass jags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different handgun calibers. The jag has a plunger-like form with a pointed tip that securely holds a cleaning patch. The jag will fit securely in the bore when matched with a patch, and this pressure will help remove fouling as well as excess solvent and oil. A fouled bore can be cleaned with a jag and patches, as well as a good bore cleaner.

What Is a Jag?

The jag is a straightforward attachment that attaches to the end of a cleaning rod. To fulfill their jobs, they tend to be sharp and pointed.

A jag’s main function is to keep the cleaning patch in place while it goes up and down the gun barrel. There are numerous sizes of jags that can be used with cleaning rods, so you’ll have to figure out which one is suitable for you. To find out which are the best options on the market please check out our review on the best shotgun cleaning rod.

Jags have sizes printed on them, so double-check before purchasing. They are available in two styles: slotted and non-slotted.

The non-slotted type cleans the patch by pushing it, but the slotted type cleans the patch by pulling it. Most people prefer non-slotted patches because pushing them redistributes the fouling, which can change the bullet’s trajectory.

Just be careful not to mix up jags of similar sizes, as it might be difficult to tell them apart unless they are branded.

What Are Jags Used For?

The most efficient application of a suitable jag is to make barrel cleaning more efficient.

The barrel can be cleaned of the grime, grit, and debris that has accumulated in the bore since the patch will fit securely on the jag.

The jag will scour the breech and rifling for a clean outcome by moving the patch into hard-to-reach parts of the barrel.

The four most important reasons to use a pistol cleaning jag are protection, inspection, unblocking, and lubrication. When you’ve completed all of these, you’ll notice that your weapon behaves and performs better, safer, and more in line with how it’s supposed to.

But even if you have a gun cleaning jag, it won’t do you any good unless you are aware of how to properly use one on your firearm. 

How To Use A Gun Cleaning Jag

Before you begin cleaning the firearm, make sure it is unloaded. Remove all ammunition from the firearm and inspect the chamber and magazine to ensure it is empty. Failure to do so may result in damage or death.

To make cleaning easier, remove the bolt or open the action. If feasible, clean the handgun from the breech to avoid harming the muzzle rifling. Attach the cleaning rod to the appropriate-sized jag for the caliber of the handgun or rifle. Saturate a cleaning patch with the cleaning solvent by opening the lid to the cleaning solution.

When the solvent-soaked patch has passed through the muzzle, remove it from the jag. Allow the solvent to dwell in the barrel for several minutes to loosen the fouling and begin removing it. To remove the fouling, remove the jag and run a solvent-soaked bore brush down the barrel several times.

Replace the cleaning rod with the jag and run another solvent-soaked patch down the bore. Repeat this process until the patches are no longer dirty. To eliminate any excess solvent, run several dry patches down the bore. Using gun oil, lubricate a patch and run it down the barrel, leaving a light layer of oil on the bore.

Install the bolt or close the chamber after inspecting the barrel for blockages. Remove all bore fouling and solvent with clean cleaning equipment. To avoid corrosion, lubricate the firearm’s exterior.

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