How To Use Gun Cleaning Patches

Cleaning a gun will necessitate more than merely cleaning patches. We’ll go through all of those tools, as well as how to employ cleaning patches. Cleaning patches for firearms are affordable and available in large quantities.

What is the best way to use pistol cleaning patches? Because cleaning patches are white, they change color when passed through different areas of the gun (inside and out), indicating muck or oil. To ensure that the pistol is fully cleaned, you may need to use numerous patches.

Below, we’ll go over how to use them effectively.

How Do You Clean A Gun?

Cleaning guns is necessary from time to time. Even brand new weapons require thorough cleaning. New weapons are frequently wrapped with grease and a sticky oil to prevent rusting while in the shop for months or even years.

It is recommended that you remove the solution that they put on a new gun to avoid rust before using it and then use your oiling lubrication before storing it.

The following are the necessities for cleaning a gun:

  • Cleaning Rod
  • Gloves
  • A Cleaning Brush
  • A Gun CLeaning Lubricant
  • Patches
  • A Loop 

To start the cleaning, you need to wear gloves and make sure your weapon is unloaded. Wearing gloves is vital because it will prevent skin oils and unnecessary fingerprints from getting stuck on your weapon. Some prints get stuck in the inner-body of the gun and then can make them challenging to use. Some people think wearing gloves isn’t important but it’s actually a very vital part of the process.

Following that, disassemble your weapon following the steps advised in your gun’s instruction manual.

Once the gun has been disassembled and laid out, it is now time for you start cleaning your weapon using the cleaning patches. To find out which are the best options on the market please check out our review on the best gun cleaning mat

How To Use Gun Cleaning Patches

As previously said, gun cleaning patches are inexpensive and available in quantity, so don’t be hesitant to purchase several, as you may require up to 20 cleaning patches.

They are supposed to be installed on a loop or a jag, aside from their wiping capabilities. Why not make one yourself and just use that? Because the patch may slip while cleaning the rifle, making it difficult to remove later.

A lengthy gun cleaning rod is also linked to the loop (this rod will be shorter if you are planning on cleaning a pistol.)

Pass a needle through one of the patch’s holes, then hold it from the sides and feed the cloth through it.

Finally, tighten the piece by pulling it upwards.

What About A Brush?

Take a rough run with a cleaning brush if the gun cleaning patches fail to clear some places on your weapon. The brush will be reattached to a pistol cleaning rod before being used to thoroughly clean the gun with a strong solvent. Don’t forget to dry with gun cleaning patches after using the cleaning brush again.

When The Cleaning Is Done

After you’ve completed the cleaning process and ensured that your pistol is dry, apply some sought-after gun oil to keep it from rusting.

If you own the ever popular AR-15, see our AR-15 cleaning kits review.

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