How To Clean Gun Cleaning Brushes

It’s a source of pride for a gun owner to have a well-maintained weapon. Cleaning your pistol on a regular basis will not only maintain it looking excellent, but it will also keep it shooting properly. It’s one of the most important aspects of gun maintenance. However, you’ll need the right pistol cleaning equipment to accomplish a thorough job.

An excellent cleaning brush is one of the things you’ll need when cleaning your weapons. We’ll expose you to the best pistol cleaning brushes money can buy in this article. If you want the best for your firearm, you’ll need to invest in the best cleaning tools.

How To Clean Gun Cleaning Brushes

There are many different ways for people to clean their gun cleaning brushes. Some people rely on more official methods and buy products from the store while others just use at-home approaches to get the job done.

Mineral spirits is a method that many people use. Users fill a small bottle with mineral oils, shake the bottle up and then apply it to the brushes before letting them all air dry before any other use. This approach seems to neutralize the copper cleaners, whereas copper removers will eat the brushes you own if you let it sit on there long enough.

Other owners have sworn by spraying their brushes with brake cleaner or other degreaser-type solvents. 

Meanwhile, others just use a cup of warm water and dip their brushes in them after every single use, wipe them down and let them air dry. That is obviously the cheapest way to clean the brushes but it also requires the most work because it must be done after each and every single use of the brushes. 

Nylon Or Bronze Brushes?

Many individuals use a bronze brush to get a better clean, but we’ve found that it truly boils down to personal opinion. Some people believe that the nylon brush cleans just as well as the bronze brush, while others like the bronze brush’s scouring strength and believe that the nylon brush is better suited to sweep up loose carbon and fouling rather than scrub out the difficult stuff.

The sort of solvent you’re using may also influence the brush material you use. Brass brushes are great for removing powder, lead, metal fouling, carbon deposits, and rust with solvents. When cleaning with solvents like copper removers, nylon is a good choice because the chemicals won’t break down the nylon like they would brass. 

Bronze brushes can also give a false reading on your clean depending on the copper remover you choose, as some ammonia-based copper removers will still turn blue or green when they react with the bronze brush rather than any copper left in the barrel.

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Brush Size

Because the size of the bore brush you’ll need to clean your gun is mostly determined on the type of firearm you possess and wish to clean, there are a variety of answers to the question of what size brush you’ll need.

Whether you’re looking for cleaning brushes for your AR-15, 9mm pistol, Remington, 30-06, 300 Win. Mag, or something else, we’ve got you covered.

As a result, there are numerous gauges and calibers available. You’ll also need to do some research to locate the proper fit.

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